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About Us...

Covering Without Control, Affiliation Without Assimilation, Community With True Unity


We are a Christ-Centered Apostolic Prophetic ministerial network called to help facilitate a stronger unity among the messengers of God, to create a medium through which those messengers may harmoniously work together in unity and to provide the necessary credentials, and spiritual covering and assistance needed by the members to better equip them for their spiritual calling , purpose and destiny.

ICALM is a medium through which those of like mind, heart, and faith may work harmoniously together for the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.  We believe that everybody is somebody and every ministry that is of God is important to God and for the benefit of all mankind.


Apostle Dr. Brian Alton is the Founding Pastor / President of Desert Rose Community Church Inc. and the Founding Chancellor of Gateway International Bible Institute A Spirit filled Church and Accredited Christian Bible College located in Peoria, Arizona.  Dr. Alton is also the founding Chief Apostle and Presiding Bishop of I.C.A.L.M. – International Covering Alliance and Licensing for Ministries, a worldwide Spirit-filled apostolic prophetic ministerial network fellowship that provides ministerial training, licensing, credentialing, holy ordination, and spiritual covering to ministry leaders, outreach ministries, Bible Colleges, and churches worldwide.

Dr. Alton operates in a powerful prophetic and psalmist anointing. He is a singer, songwriter, musician, television and radio host, favored conference speaker, and bestselling author.


Apostle Brian carries a special anointing to help God's people discover their true kingdom calling and move towards their divine purpose and destiny.  His chief desire is to expand the Kingdom of God by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and carrying the Glory of God to different nations of the world; helping to empower the corporate church to transform their culture in the Power of the Spirit and to evangelize the world.


Apostle Brian has studied the Word of God extensively, earning his Ph.D. in 2009 from Iona College & Seminary. He holds several ministerial credentials and this year he celebrates serving the Lord in ministry since he was 16 yrs. old.


Apostle Brian is an active member and leader of several ministerial leadership organizations and prophetic and prayer networks within the USA and abroad.


After Pastoring Desert Rose Church for 20 years in Arizona, in the summer of 2017, the Lord commissioned Apostle Brian to launch into national and international itinerate speaking and ministry travel throughout the world under the banner of: Brian Alton Ministries. He now travels full time under a new day mission, mandate, mantle, and anointing.

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Apostle Dr. Brian W. and

Apostle Phaedra Alton

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