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Ministerial Credentials



ICALM offers several types of ministerial credentials and

five-fold ministry offices. 

They are: 







  • APOSTLOLIC (Office of Apostle)

  • PROHETIC (Office of Prophet)

  • EVANGELISTIC (Office of Evangelist)

  • PASTORAL (Office of Pastor)

  • TEACHING (Office of Teacher)

  • BISHOP (Overseer of all five-fold Ministries)

Churches and Ministries 

Churches and Ministries can affiliate for many of the same reasons an individual would affiliate plus it opens the doors for interaction fellowship and networking. The ICALM umbrella also provides a spiritual covering for the church or ministry.

Legal covering is an important benefit of church or ministry affiliation.  The group exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service provides protection for the contributor to the ministry and offers other government and non-profit tax exemption status.  A pamphlet is available upon request that gives more detailed information concerning churches and ministries desiring affiliation with ICALM.

The independent church may also affiliate under the covering and guidance of ICALM through the proven and recognized ministry name of Desert Rose Community Church.  For those churches coming under the DRCC banner, they may become an official “recognized” DRCC church in their perspective city and state and use the authorized logo on church stationary and signs, as well as enjoy many other church start up “turn-key” privileges and benefits.



Membership affiliation provides the opportunity to meet, fellowship, network, and align with others of like faith.  This provides an avenue to work with others to better enhance individual ministry.

While there are areas of duplication in all ministries and churches, there are also areas of expertise unique to the individual.  We cannot all be experts in every aspect of the Christian ministry but this can be accomplished through alignment and networking with others.

If nothing else, it’s good to get together with others and just be friends.  We all need friendship outside of our own four walls.

Alignment ~ Fellowship ~ Networking


Conferences, Conventions &

Spirit-Filled Gatherings

Uniting together, serving together and supporting each other we learn from one another by the gifts God has given.  To help promote fellowship and meet the needs of the ministry, various fellowship functions are conducted each year.  As can be well understood, more frequent activities are conducted in areas of greater representation.  It is our desire and goal to see ICALM expand in all areas so equal benefits can be enjoyed by the total membership on a more convenient basis.

ICALM has at least one Annual Conference per year. In addition, in areas where possible, other fellowship functions are provided including Fast-track Encounters and Glory Fire & Rain Conferences. Fast-track and Glory, Fire & Rain Conference are organized revival services with powerful praise and worship and anointed five-fold ministry leaders as the keynote speakers.  It provides for ICALM members as well as non-members to come together in a spirit of unity, meet, get acquainted and receive encouragement and refresh impartation from the Spirit of God.

Assistance is provided by ICALM to those desiring to pioneer a new church or ministry.  ICALM will assist through resources, counsel, procedures to incorporate a church or ministry, set up of local by-laws and constitution and government, and assistance in acquiring all necessary tax exemptions.  ICALM is also involved in planting churches and providing pastors for those churches. 


Church Planting & Start Up Ministry


Foreign Missions

Missions, foreign and domestic, are an important part of the Christian ministry. ICALM has foreign members as a part of the fellowship.  Corporate mission projects are carefully selected and funded by the supporting ICALM churches and ministries.

Any church or ministry can send its mission support through the ICALM office for forwarding to the field.  Presently ICALM sends dollar for dollar to the mission field minus any transfer fees. Additional information concerning missions is available upon request.

Become A Member

All memberships and affiliations with ICALM individual, Churches and Evangelistic Outreach Ministries, are by application only!


An official application is available upon request.  Ministerial recommendation is required.  If the applicant does not have a current ICALM minister as a sponsor, other references will be requested. 


Membership is not restricted by sex, race or national origin. When submitting any application, a recent photo and annual dues (fees) should be included.


Applications received are forwarded to Dr Brian Alton, Presiding Bishop of ICALM and to the ICALM Membership Committee for processing.

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