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All memberships and affiliations with ICALM individual, Churches and Evangelistic Outreach Ministries, are by application only!

An official application is available upon request.  Ministerial recommendation is required.  If the applicant does not have a current ICALM minister as a sponsor, other references will be requested. 

Membership is not restricted by sex, race or national origin. When submitting any application, a recent photo and annual dues (fees) should be included. Applications received are forwarded to Dr Brian Alton, Presiding Bishop of ICALM and to the ICALM Membership Committee for processing.  The current annual memberships are as follows:

Important Information and

Application Forms

Understanding Umbrella Covering -     click here

ICALM - A Brief Introduction -              click here

ICALM - Statement of Faith -                  click here

ICALM - Ministerial Code of Ethics -        click here

Application Forms:

ICALM - Individual Affiliation Application - click here

ICALM - Ministry Affiliation Application -  click here

ICALM - Church Affiliation Application -   click here

​ICALM - Personal Reference Form -       click here

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